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I remember first inching my way into the show automation arena.

My show is my life’s work and my baby, relying on a new piece of electronics was risky. If you are thinking the same, I get it, I was there too. Once I actually put the show automation gear into my show, it took one show and I was hooked. In fact I don’t know of anyone that has used show automation and decided to return to trusting and teaching a sound man every time they do a show. No one in their right mind goes backwards to tech rehearsals, it just doesn’t happen.

I have always been an early adopter. After I have researched a lot and I see no holes in the gear’s reviews, construction or user experience only then I am willing to try out a new piece of gear. I love new ideas and technology. When they are perfectly combined… to me that is art. However instead of hanging this art on the wall, you use it to make your life easier and open a new doors and ideas for your show.

I have used good show automation on national television, for an arena show of 17,000 people along with hundreds of my standard theater shows. Other show automation products were always lacking somewhere though. Weakness would show up in some aspect such as, poor range, confusing or unstable software, bad remote design, loss of connectivity, poor quality of hardware. All show automation products on the market today have two or more of these flaws. This is why I created Audio Ape. To 100% succeed where all others fall short.

I didn’t care how much it cost to build, I only cared about one thing, that it was built perfectly. Being a road warrior and pro performer myself I felt the pain of my fellow artists. I wanted to help them take their show to new heights. As an artist my goal is to create something wonderful for others to enjoy, thus Audio Ape was born.


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Secrets Of My Success On America’s Got Talent. http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/secrets-of-my-success-on-americas-got-talent/ Thu, 25 Oct 2018 05:33:20 +0000 http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/?p=290

An Exclusive Excerpt from 20 Insider Secrets from an America’s Got Talent Finalist

By: Charles Peacock | Owner | Audio Ape, Inc.

What do AGT Producers and Writers really want?

Here are the top 5 assets you can possess to serve the show these are listed 1 through 5 in order of importance

1.Story / Emotion: This will get you a featured cameo

2.Image / Looks: This will get you airtime

3.Danger: This will get you a highlight and possibly a cliffhanger before the commercial

4.Originality / Uniqueness: This will get respect (sometimes)

5.Talent / Execution: This will get you coming back (usually because of the judge’s comments associated with it)

Now let’s dig deeper into the top 5 assets you can bring to the show.

1. Story and emotion

This is number 1. The unfortunate thing is most professionals don’t have a good story. If you are a professional you are already making a living in show business. Well… people trying to become MORE successful in show business are not what the viewers are looking for and therefore not the kind of act AGT wants to showcase.

People watch this show because they live vicariously through the contestants. They watch them and think that person is like me. We all have an evolutionary need to procreate ourselves, the AGT viewer reaction is just an extension of that. Now you might Sind it stupid, we as professionals have that instinct too. We see a pro act and we want them to win because they represent our interests and who we are or want to be.

If you have no story, what should you do? Make up a story about how you supported your entire family since you were 4? AGT doesn’t like a story that can be easily disproved or not believed by the viewing public. I do know more than one person who made up an entire story and actually gets aired….

For the rest of Charles insight — based on his time as a finalist on America’s Got Talent — enter your email address here


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Disney and Audio Ape’s White Glove Service http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/disney-and-audio-apes-white-glove-service/ Thu, 20 Sep 2018 06:34:17 +0000 http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/?p=332

Have you been caught needing a crucial piece of gear for a big performance? One of our newest customers did. 

In less than 24 hours veteran act Johnathan Burns had a show with Disney Cruises and he had no show remote system. His old system (which he was wanting to replace with our Audio Ape system anyway) was accidentally left at home.

Right about when he was going to go into full panic mode he saw I was joining the same Disney ship the same day he was. He sent me a message through the site and asked if he could get a personal white glove delivery of our Audio Ape remote to his room on the Disney ship.

Thankfully, I got his message the night before I left and was able to pack an extra system and hand deliver it once I got onboard. He immediately put it in his show that night and everything ran flawlessly for him and his Disney audience. 

As entertainers we all look out for each other, and I do everything I can to make sure Audio Ape has your back.

See you at showtime!



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The Power of Media Monkey http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/the-power-of-media-monkey/ Sat, 30 Jun 2018 01:17:47 +0000 http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/?p=884

A glimpse of Media Monkey out in the wild right before showtime in The Walt Disney Theater.

In this video, we show you power-user, Justino Zoppe who has taken show automation to great heights with QLab. He always had to train a technician to run the computer backstage though. Which meant long rehearsals, no reordering cues before the show and definitely no changes on the fly mid-show!

Now with Media Monkey remote though he can skip rehearsals and still run, lights, videos, music, live cameras and more!

No rehearsals, no mistakes and full control of his large-scale and high production magic show. He has trusted Media Monkey remote for 6 months straight to run his show in front of 3000 Disney guests per night. Never has it failed to 100% deliver for him.


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Using Live Camera Feeds In Your Show http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/using-live-camera-feeds-in-your-show/ Sat, 23 Jun 2018 01:57:08 +0000 http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/?p=898

Have you always wanted to use a live camera in your shows? Any of these reasons stop you?

The techniques in this video and more are going to be taught live hands-on in our masterclass, send us a message for access.

You: I don’t want to carry any more gear 

Me: We hear you, this solution is about the size of a pack of gum.

You: I don’t want to use a clunky video switcher 

Me: Our solution eliminates those relics.

You: I don’t want to spend more time at set-up 

Me: we’ve picked the fastest and most trouble free set-ups.

You: I don’t want to buy any software 

Me: You don’t have to, the live camera feature is available for free.

Do you want a higher grade of a camera than iPhone? You can use your DSLR any HDMI camera or even SDI broadcast quality cameras, we have you covered. All these solutions take a 1 USB and 1 HDMI cable and a piece of hardware about the size of a pack of gum.


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How Our Remotes Control Lighting and More. http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/how-our-remotes-control-lighting-and-more/ Fri, 15 Jun 2018 02:09:04 +0000 http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/?p=907

The techniques in this video and more are going to be taught live hands-on in our masterclass contact us for details.

Please comment at the bottom of this page with any questions you have about what you will take away in this class.


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Best Video Format for QLab users http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/best-video-format-for-qlab-users/ Tue, 13 Feb 2018 02:34:20 +0000 http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/?p=915

QLab’s official recommendation for best video format is… ProRes 422 Proxy?
How the hell do I convert to that?!

While QLab can handle just about any video file you can throw at it, I am always trying to keep QLab as lean as possible. The more resources I protect the more I’ll have at my disposal. Using videos without extra processing power to play and output helps a lot in this endeavor. QLab’s #1 recommended format is ProRes 422 proxy. I wanted to use the best possible format so my search began for the best way to convert all my show video files. I finally got a piece of software called MacX Video Converter that was robust and free (for clips under 5 mins) I thought I would share it with my Media Monkey customers. If you like this article please share it on Social Media.

As you can see under the info of this video clip’s properties. I have indeed created the #1 recommended video format for QLab. This program MacX does batch conversion so you can get all your show videos converted in a snap.

If you are looking for a professional grade solution for remote controlling QLab or Go Button please check out our product line-up here www.audioaperemote.com

Direct download to your FREE video converter


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Breaking the spell: When show control fails http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/breaking-the-spell-when-show-control-fails/ Thu, 11 Aug 2016 02:38:43 +0000 http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/?p=924

2008, Orlando. It is four minutes before I go on stage for a local company’s holiday party. The planner approaches me backstage. The CEO would be traveling that day, and his flight had been moved up. He is presenting awards after my show, and in order to make his new travel schedule, they need me to cut from 45 minutes to 20 minutes.

The music control system I was using at the time was the MP3 Tech developed specifically for performers. But, in order to reliably cut cues and edit out material you needed a computer. I did not have a computer (and was going on in, by now, three minutes).

That meant that during the show I had to manually skip cues with the remote; find ways to keep the momentum of the show moving at those points, and count button pushes (to track how many cues I was moving past), without having any certainty of the track I was on, and while (trying) to make it all invisible and seamless for the audience.

It was a frustrating experience.

When a roomful of strangers is knit together into an audience, when they find themselves in sync, a kind of magic happens. For those moments the rest of the world falls away; politics, financial stress, insecurity, it all vanishes and for those few sacred minutes of a captivating performance nothing exists but what is happening on stage.

That is the gift that we, as live entertainers, give the world. It is a gift it needs now as much as ever.

Nothing can break that spell, or hold back the degree to which it enchants, quite like technical glitches. They jolt an audience out of the moment and for those few seconds — when a performer with divided focus keeps fumbling with a button that won’t fire a cue — everything comes crashing back and we have to fight harder to put them back under our spell.

Your show is the product of years of your life. It likely represents thousands of hours cultivating multiple layers of skills. You deserve to be able to give it, and the people who are paying you to share it, your full focus — as free as you can be from the distraction and stress that comes when show support technology fails.

We’ve been there. That is why we are passionate about doing everything we can so that you have bulletproof, seamlessly simple tools that allow you to focus on what you do best.

We’ll see you at showtime.

P.S. Experienced an epic tech fail (or a hundred)? Share your stories in the comments.


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National TV: Secrets of Being Spotlighted http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/national-tv-secrets-of-being-spotlighted/ Sun, 07 Aug 2016 02:56:57 +0000 http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/?p=932

Gravitating your big decisions to always align with your passion is key to a happy and successful career and life. A lot of performers have asked why I decided to create Audio Ape Remotes. I mean, I have a very successful performing career, with a lot of good years left. My simple answer is that I am passionate about show control. It is my dream to see all artists embrace great technology and free themselves and their shows.

Ever since I was young I’ve been fascinated with technology. Opening electronics as soon as something went wrong, I wasn’t always incredibly successful. But I always did get better and better through trial and error. Here’s a picture of some of my custom gear I have made for my show.

Currently, I hire expert engineers and designers to bring my ideas to life. When I first started though I didn’t have the kind of money needed for good builders. So, at first, I had to design and build my own gear for my show.

I know now that this was a blessing. Working on my own for many years gave me a strong knowledge of electronics and circuitry. Now that I can hire people to build for me, I use the experience and insight I have learned. I can also dream up more possibilities and translate them better to my development team.

I have used every product on the market to run my sound cues. Like a lot of performers, I always saw a hole somewhere in the system. Sometimes it was in the hardware design, other times it was the software side, but they would always fall short in some way.

I am long time friends with Carl Andrews who created the top selling show app Show Cues. I was working with him on a gig and he was telling me about his trouble finding a reliable remote for his app. Bluetooth, wifi, and other controllers just weren’t cutting it for real stage work. I went through all the ideas I had to solve his problem. He stopped me about 4 mins in and asked, “Why aren’t you building this?” Me? I am a professional performer, not an inventor. He said, “you’ve been inventing electronics for well over a decade, you are an inventor.” Here’s a picture of us randomly running into each other at the LA airport. 

Carl’s encouragement made me take up the helm and steer into this new world called Audio Ape Remotes. The truth is I love being here, helping performers and constantly inventing new ideas. Audio Ape is just starting, we have a lot of ideas that will be coming in the months and years ahead.

We’ll see you at showtime.


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Pro Performer’s Notebook: Packing a Suit in a Carry-on http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/pro-performers-notebook-packing-a-suit-in-a-carry-on/ Tue, 28 Jun 2016 03:19:04 +0000 http://audioapeshop.audioaperemote.com/?p=946

In the pro performer’s notebook, we’re going to bring you practical information that makes life as an entertainer easier.

One of the biggest sources of stress for many performers is travel. For many years I thought that I had to carry a separate suit bag to insure that my suits could be quickly steamed to look their best on stage. That’s a major additional burden (especially in the age of ever-rising baggage fees).

Here Anders Boulanger provides phenomenal tips — the right way to fold a suit and the right steamer to get it looking flawless when unpacked — for packing a suit so that you look your absolute best while not having to bring along a suit bag. I’ve used the method Anders shows here (from a private group for entertainers) on every trip since first watching this video — and have been delighted with the results.

The steamer mentioned by Anders (and which I use as well) is the ESTEAM Personal Handheld Steamer. I’ve found it does the job much more efficiently than steamers I’ve owned in the past.

Do you have tips for reducing the stress of travel, packing, and gigs? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll see you at show time!


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