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FAQ | audio ape shop


1. What apps can I use Audio Ape Remote with?

Audio Ape has made the simplest and most stable show app the market has seen, and it’s FREE to both our users and anyone else that needs a live performance music app. You can get the free app right here: Get your FREE Audio Ape App


We also welcome and work with other iOS apps too. Click here for other music app reviews.

2. What apps can I use Media Monkey with?

Any computer program can be controlled with Media Monkey. Our top 3 apps for professional live shows are:

#1 QLab (Mac only)

#2 Pro Presenter (Mac and PC)

#3 Keynote (Mac)

Media Monkey can also work with iOS using our included adapter

You can use our show app Audio Ape, or you can use other recommended iOS apps

Android is also supported, the app Best Boy is widely used.

Media Monkey works with iOS apps Audio Ape and Go Button.

3. What devices are supported by Audio Ape?

We fully support all iPads, iPod touches, and iPhones that run the iOS operating system (version 6 or above) and use have a lightning or USB C port on the device. Note most show apps require at least version 10.0 or above.

You can buy guaranteed used iOS lightning and USB C devices at a fraction of the cost here: Gazelle.com

4. Can I download the Instruction Manual?

Yes, you can download full instructions on how to use your new Audio Ape Remote here  Audio Ape ManualMedia Monkey’s manual can be downloaded here  Media Monkey Download

5. When will my order ship out?

If you order before 1 pm EST on a weekday your order will go out that day.

The speed of shipment is determined by the shipping method you choose during the checkout process. When you are on the final checkout page (before final payment) you can select your shipping method.

Ground shipping is free for orders over $500 or you can select faster shipping with costs clearly stated on checkout.

6. Will my device get charged while using Audio Ape?

We would never think about leaving the iOS device uncharged, that’s asking for trouble! Your Apple device will be getting fed and charged up while at the same time running the receiver too.

7. Is there a belt clip for the remote?

If you choose not to operate the remote from your pocket, the remote does come with an included belt clip. The orientation can be configured right side up or inverted so volume buttons are on bottom and track control on top. We also offer a heavy duty belt clip in our online shop.

8. How do I pair it with my device?

If you purchased a spare remote you will need to pair it with your existing Audio Ape System (see instructions attached)

Your Audio Ape System gets paired with the included remote at the factory, so unless you are adding spare remotes or replacing one you don’t need to pair anything.

9. What is your product guarantee?

We know you are going to be thrilled with your Audio Ape system. If you aren’t 110% satisfied please send it back within 90 days and we will issue a full and immediate refund no questions asked. The receiver hardware is guaranteed for 2 years under normal use and conditions.

10. Can 2 remotes be paired to one receiver?

You can actually pair as many handheld remotes as you like to your one Audio Ape receiver.

11. Is the remote battery replaceable?

Yes there is compartment on the back to replace the battery. Batteries are 2032 lithium coin batteries. We sell them on the site click here and they available at many stores. Under normal use the remote’s battery should last 3 years.

12. How do I get sound out to a sound system or speakers?

Simply use the headphone jack built into Audio Ape’s receiver.

We highly recommended traveling with a DI box to connect your Audio Ape to a professional sound system.

13. Are my Audio Ape system and Apple device protected against power surges?

Yes, we want to protect your investment! The receiver has a built-in circuit breaker that when a voltage spike is detected the breaker cuts power to the receiver and your Apple device in order to protect them both. When this occurs the receiver’s LED will blink red until the faulty power is removed. The receiver will then reset itself and you can plug in a working power supply for continued use.

Our Audio Ape 2.0 version has even more protection too from any faulty amplifiers, PAs or mixers it might be plugged into.

14. I have my show app open but the wrong track is playing?

Audio Ape’s commands go to the last app that played music on your iOS device. In order to avoid playing the wrong music please make sure after launching your show app you quickly use that app to play at least one track by touching play on your actual iOS device (not using the remote). That way your show app was the last app to play music and Audio Ape will now send all its commands to it.

15. Where are these Audio Ape units uilt?

Our manufacturing and distributing is done right here in the USA. Yes, China would be more cost effective but the US has very high standards of manufacturing which Audio Ape demands for its customers, we pay, you play.

16. Will this work with an older 30-pin iOS device?

We are no longer supporting the old 30-pin connectors. You cannot use a 3rd party adapter either. Your iOS device must have a lighting port or USB C port for Audio Ape to work properly.

17. Is the Audio Ape system battery powered?

Audio Ape’s handheld remote is battery powered (of course)

The receiver is powered. We supply your unit with the correct USB C power adaptor and cable. We also sell battery banks that are designed to replace the need for a wall outlet.

18. Can you ship outside of the United States?

Yes we ship Worldwide! This product is CE and FCC approved, that means we are registered for sale Worldwide. We operate on 433 Mhz band and are legal in all countries as of 2019.

19. Do you have a phone number?

We did use to have a phone number. Unfortunately, we found it’s much quicker and secure to keep all questions in our support system. If you have a question you will be best served by emailing info@audioaperemote.com We look forward to helping you ?

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